Rita Albertini Curreli

The golden land of Persia
sometimes I resume
me and you, under the trees
the shade a discrete veil
A gentle breeze, a waving of leaves, revealing bits of blue
the sudden rays of sunshine, demanding our eyes shut
such treasures, we often failed to see
Forbidden, fruitless love
our breath too close
poisoned and condemned
so it seems by God
And yet we prayed
at dawn and sunset
the prayers of holy flattering
and yet, you favoured death to love
We had to escape
from the forced vision of hanged martyrs
like pathetic flags
Filling an empty vessel, overloaded with sinful dreams
the untold words of poets’ freedom
the wrong God for others
and hunger and war
and finally us, disguising our amoral love
The black open sea
blending with the sky, constellations like lanterns
us floating, a resemblance of maternal embrace
so cold, holding hands forming a chain of hope
And then the storm
invisible waves, like hungry sirens stopping the race
tearing dreams apart, it took so little
worthless beings, paying the final price
We woke up with no memory
in a land of essentiality
no more fear, absurd tyrannies
We no perception of time, we fly the skies
meeting all planets, in the infinity of possibilities.
Rita Albertini Curreli

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